Holy Cross COVID-19 Connections

Updated Mass information, Volunteer Opportunities

COVID guidelines apply for week-end and daily Masses
... also for office visits and meetings

Registering/Attending Mass at Holy Cross 

Plan ahead, so that you can arrive 15-30 minutes before Mass begins, to allow time to complete check-in procedures, to be seated, and to prepare to celebrate Mass.

Volunteers are essential. Volunteers are asked to arrive about an hour before Mass begins. Check out the volunteer opportunities at the bottom of this message. 

If you arrive late for the Sunday Mass and the doors are locked, or cannot attend in person, you may view the Mass on Holy Cross's YouTube channel via your mobile device. After Mass has ended, come to the front side door and let Fr. Pius or Deacon Phil know that you would like to receive Communion. 

When entering the building: apply hand sanitizer, take temperature at digital wall thermometer and report to check-in volunteer, along with answers to COVID screening questions. A mask covering nose and mouth is required indoors. If a check-in volunteer is not present, record your temperature and answers to screening questions on the sheet at the check-in table.

Restroom facilities: All restrooms are now open; your help is needed to keep them safe. Before exiting after use, please apply sanitizing spray or use wipes (available in restrooms) on all surfaces you touch. Wash hands with disinfectant soap provided. 

At weekend Masses, an usher will escort you to your seat and record your location on the check-in sheet. Pews are marked with a letter on the aisle end of each pew, and numbers within the pew mark off six-foot distances between seating space. Those living in the same household are seated together. If no usher is available, select a seat and then report the pew letter and seat number to a check-in volunteer or write it in if a volunteer is not present.

When ushers are present, follow their guidance regarding seating, processing to receive Holy Communion, and leaving the sanctuary.  

  • Saturday 5 PM Vigil MassNo registration required. Follow protocols noted above. There is no choir at this Mass. This Mass is live-streamed.
  • Sunday 10 AM MassRegistration required; deadline is 12 Noon on the Friday prior. Click on dates below to register. Remember to cancel your reservation if you are not able to attend, so someone else may register and attend. The choir sings at this Mass, which continues to be live-streamed to our YouTube channel and posted to Facebook afterwards. 
    • Volunteers are essential; your help is needed for the 10 AM Sunday Mass. Check out Usher and Check-in Table opportunities below.   
  • 8 AM Daily Mass: Tuesday through Friday. Registration is not required, but following COVID protocols is required. There is no choir, and the service is not livestreamed. 
  • After Mass: People in the front half of the Sanctuary exit throught side door to the right of the altar; people in the back half of Sanctuary exit through the side door to the right of the back pews. If ushers are available, follow their guidance. 

10 AM Sunday Mass Registration Links

Sign up to Serve: Usher or COVID Check-in Table

Volunteers are essential and much appreciated!

Sign up to serve below, but remember to also click on the links above to sign up to attend Mass on the day you are serving. COVID screeners are asked to sign up for three months at a time, if possible. Remember to recruit a substitute if you are not able to serve.

> Usher Volunteers: 

  • CLICK HERE to sign up as usher for upcoming Sunday Masses.
  • Click on the dates above to register for the Masses you will attend on the days you are serving as usher. 
  • Not an usher yet but interested in volunteering? Click here to send a message to our usher coordinator, Anthony Wilson, letting him know that you are interested in serving. 

> COVID Screening Volunteers: 

Vaccination is Key: Let us know if you are vaccinated 


Vaccination rate is key to the full reopening of churches, as well as other resources in our communities. Holy Cross is continuing to conduct an anonymous survey to monitor the vaccination rate among our members. Please click here to access and complete the survey for each member of your household, age 12 and older.

This survey link also was sent in an email message to all Holy Cross members for whom we have an email address. If you completed the survey through that message, thank you. 

Not vaccinated yet? You can do that at Holy Cross

Please take advantage of the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic being held at Holy Cross on Friday, August 6, 3-7 PM. Details are here. Share this information with others you know who haven't been vaccinated. 

View additional resources available in Durham. Once vaccinated, please come back to this page and click the vaccination survey link and complete the survey for each person in your household who has been vaccinated. 

Other church functions

For the safety of our parishioners and visitors, most indoor parish functions remain cancelled to help control the spread of COVID-19.

The Parish Office is open during our regular hours (Tuesday-Friday, 9 AM - 3 PM), for parish personnel. Please conduct business by phone or email, as much as possible. Call 919-957-2900 ext. 20 to make an appointment if an onsite visit is needed. 

When arriving at church for a meeting

  • A mask and safe distancing (6 feet apart) are required when in the building.
  • Ring doorbell to gain access.
  • Stop at the check-in table and complete items on the check-in sheet:
    • write in first/last name, email/phone info
    • respond to COVID-19 questions
    • take temperature with digital wall thermometer and record on check-in sheet.
    • apply hand sanitizer from dispenser on stand beside the table.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Ushers 
    • One usher greets and guides those arriving to the check-in table. 
    • The second usher will guide those who have cleared the check-in process to their assigned seat in the sanctuary.
  • Check-in table team:
    • The check-in table will have copies of the check-in sheet listing those who signed up for that day's Mass. They will record attendees' temperature and responses to two COVID-19 related questions.
    • Ushers will guide people to their seats prior to Mass and during exit after Mass.
    • Interested in helping? Send a note to communications@holycrossdurham.org

Sunday Mass Signups and Volunteer Opportunities

Note: registration is not required for our Saturday Vigil Mass

10 AM Sunday Mass Registration Links

One Check-in Volunteer and six Ushers are needed for each of our weekend Masses.
Volunteers arrive by 4:15 PM if serving Saturdays, and 9:15 AM if serving Sundays. 

Click here to volunteer as Usher

Click here to be a
Screening Volunteer

Volunteer tasks

  • Ushers ... help with seating, guiding movement for those receving Communion and when exiting after Mass. 
  • Check-in Table Team - Screening Volunteers ... greet those arriving for Mass and record their name, temperature and COVID question responses on the list of those who registered. 

Volunteers attend Mass after all are seated. Just before Mass ends, ushers resume their role, guiding people as they exit Sanctuary after Mass. 

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