Grounding and Consciousness

A Message from the Holy Cross Health & Wellness Ministry

Many are still seeing the effects of COVID-19 not only on our day-to-day lives, but also now on our inner beings and our consciousness. We may begin to reflect on things in a different way. As we do this, we can think of ways to be more grounded. Groundedness is an important part of physical, mental, and emotional health, and so, plays a part in our immune response in particular, and in our well being in general.

The importance to health of being outdoors

Crush colored glass, stone and moss pathThinking back about viral and bacterial infections we have endured, have we noticed when we have been ill and the recovery begins, that getting out into the sun for even a few minutes will often relieve symptoms within a very short period of time? It is the healing energy of the sun. The state health department notes this effect, too: For example, it recommends bringing items damaged in contaminated flood waters into the sun for a few minutes to a few hours to completely eradicate harmful microorganisms. 

One advantage of being outdoors is also a ready availability of groundedness potential. Outdoors, or at least, in the most natural settings possible, we can actually see a groundedness in a way connected quite literally to the ground, a connectedness to the earth. Those that are comfortable going barefoot may find it both soothing and beneficial to walk barefoot, especially on natural surfaces (wood, stone, brick, soil, sand, straw, bamboo, and other natural materials) and, when possible, with water (wading in a creek, for example), salt water being considered extremely beneficial. Also, it is said, when lying down and standing, it can be helpful to feel the connection between the body and the earth, to feel the force of the earth pressing back against the body, in order to invite in a sense of groundedness and calm.

When we return to nature, we feel this groundedness keenly. A walk or even a ride in a natural setting exudes a feeling of peace for many of us. It is at this moment when we have the opportunity, indeed, the permission, to allow ourselves a return to this natural state. A walk may be a very short one – a few minutes in the backyard – or a longer one, possibly on public grounds. It is actively encouraged now, as we keep distance from each other physically, to explore these natural spaces, and if we do so, we can close in the distance between us and nature. A brisk walk, if it is good for your constitution (consult with your wellness providers for advice), is a different type of activity that can also boost the immune system by releasing endorphins and thus defeating stress – as you wish – just do keep nature in mind as you protect and heal yourself. 

For additional support, see also the grounding exercises here passed along by Ava Thompson, Social Action coordinator. These can also be very useful in bringing the mind and body to a peaceful state. ... Be well.

From your Holy Cross Health & Wellness Ministry coordinator, Charley Rowe

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