Homily for The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

June 7, 2020

Most Holy TrinityWhen you pray, to whom do you address your prayer?

Some people may simply answer, well, God. Let us go a little deeper. Is there a particular Person of the Trinity that you speak with or picture when you pray?

Some people may, simply, pray to God. Some people may converse with a different Person depending on their need. For example, we often address the Holy Spirit before a meeting. Many of us may address a particular Person for some reason, such as our upbringing, our relationship with a parent, or a familiarity based on words from Scripture. The interesting thing is that there is nothing wrong with this because there maybe Three Persons but One God. This is the mystery of the Trinity. What this means is that if we are praying to a particular Person, in reality, we are praying to God. It is our personal need being fulfilled.

The Mystery of the Trinity, although difficult to grasp and understand – after all, we are trying to understand God – reveals that we have a personal and loving God. In order to love we need someone to love. If God were solitary, how could His nature be love? Our Triune God involves God the Father loving God the Son and that love is so perfect and intense it is another person, the Holy Spirit. The danger in trying to grasp this mystery is that we can conclude there are three Gods. This is “TriTheism,” which is a heresy or a pagan notion of God. It is difficult for us to grasp the mystery of three Persons but one God because we think of a person as an individual distinct from another individual. What we can conclude is that we have a very personal God, which means He is not impersonal with regard to us. He loves us by sharing the unconditional and limitless love He shares in the Trinity. 

Our Christian religion is different from other religions. Many of them start with man’s search for God. Christianity is about God’s search for us. Through Jesus Christ, who is God, we have the privilege of receiving God’s own revelation of Himself! He actually shows us who He is and what He is like. His most fundamental and essential characteristic is love. Love always means relationship and self-giving. This is the mystery of the Trinity: God can only be love if He is both one and three: three divine persons, each one fully divine, living for all eternity in an unbreakable unity of mutual love. Our great privilege is that we have been invited by God into a friendship with Him, a relationship of love. So whether we pray to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit or all three, we are praying to a one personal God who loves us completely and unconditionally. God is love!

– Fr. Bart

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