Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 17, 2020

It is interesting that during this Easter Season in our Sunday readings, the Church takes us back to the Last Supper.

Try to picture this scene ... Jesus and his twelve Apostles are in the upper room, gathered to celebrate the Passover, and Jesus tells them about his coming sufferings and death and that he will be leaving them to go back to the Father. The Apostles may have been confused about what he was revealing and they may have begun to feel a creeping sadness and even fear. After all, they had staked their lives on Jesus and had given up everything to follow him. He now is telling them he must go and they cannot follow where he is going!

But Jesus knows their hearts, how they are feeling, and twice tells them: “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” He knows that their hearts will be troubled. He, however, makes them a promise. He will not leave them as orphans, he will come back to them. He will not abandon them. He tells them to cling to this promise. He and the Father would send them an Advocate, the Holy Spirit. This is why he had to go back to the Father. The Advocate would strengthen them and give them courage and hope. Pentecost would come!

We too are often troubled and need to be reminded that Jesus has not abandoned us. Life can hand us problems and struggles. Look at what we are going through right now with this pandemic! Because of our own Good Fridays, we experience fear, confusion, regret, sorrow, loss of loved ones, jobs, companionship and even the Eucharist!

Jesus reminds us, too, that he will not leave us orphans. Through his Holy Spirit he is with us here and now. We can feel his Presence through this Holy Spirit which was poured into us at our baptism and confirmation. He is with us in our hearts and our souls. He is revealed to us in Holy Scripture, the Bible. He is with us in the Church, our faith community.

We may not be able to be present to one another here and now, but we know there are people praying for us now. You may not be able to receive Holy Communion sacramentally, but pay close attention to the prayer you use for a “Spiritual Communion,” especially the part which says: “ I embrace You as if you were already there (in my heart) and unite myself wholly to you.”

The Lord is there with you. He has not abandoned you!


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